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Artisan Confections (Merrifield)

For his second location of Artisan, owner Jason Andelman asked me to create unique fixtures for a small retail space in the new Merrifield Mosaic complex.  Since Jason prides himself of making small batches of handmade chocolates using only the finest ingredients, I wanted to design something that paid homage to the centuries old craft of chocolate making but kept with my industrial aesthetic.


While doing research on chocolate making techniques I remembered from a college art class a painting by Marcel Duchamp of an old chocolate grinder and set out to fabricate a 3 dimensional rendering of that piece out of copper and steel to use in the main fixture. I was very pleased with the result and was inspired to continue sourcing other vintage materials for the rest of the lighting.  For the sconces behind the cash registers I used antique steel chocolate molds attached to a spiral rod and lit them from behind.  Searching for just the right size and variety of mold was challenging but also very interesting and I learned more about chocolate making than I ever thought I would!