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GBD is one of the latest concept restaurants for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, specializing in fried chicken and doughnuts.  The idea was to design a space that was reminiscent of so many of the roadside diners that I grew up with in Louisiana, but make it sophisticated enough to also be a destination spot for evening.  The design team did a really spectacular job in walking that line, and the results can be seen in the lines of people clamoring for specialty doughnuts and coffee in the morning!

The main fixture is made with pieces from exterior "barn lights", suspended from concentric iron rings and hanging from exposed fabric cords that plug into a vintage milk jug and cream separator.  Over the bar and back dining tables, there are pendants made from the same materials, and for the booths I used reclaimed fryer baskets and exposed naked Edison bulbs.


GBD Dupont Circle